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GIANT Consortium result files not currently available at the GIANT data release site

Summary association statistics (not including 23andMe data due to IRB restrictions)

and Polygenic score (PGS) weights including 23andMe data

for Yengo et al., 2022 height GWAS

If you use these data, please cite Loic Yengo, Sailaja Vedantam, Eirini Marouli, …, Yukinori Okada, Andrew R. Wood, Peter M. Visscher, Joel N. Hirschhorn. A Saturated Map of Common Genetic Variants Associated with Human Height from 5.4 Million Individuals of Diverse Ancestries. bioRxiv 2022.01.07.475305; doi: (journal citation hopefully coming soon!)

Readme file: Readme_Yengo_et_al_2022.txt

Summary association statistics

All population groups: GIANT_HEIGHT_YENGO_2022_GWAS_SUMMARY_STATS_ALL.gz

Predominantly African Ancestry: GIANT_HEIGHT_YENGO_2022_GWAS_SUMMARY_STATS_AA.gz

Predominantly East Asian Ancestry: GIANT_HEIGHT_YENGO_2022_GWAS_SUMMARY_STATS_EAS.gz

Predominantly European Ancestry: GIANT_HEIGHT_YENGO_2022_GWAS_SUMMARY_STATS_EUR.gz


Predominantly South Asian Ancestry: GIANT_HEIGHT_YENGO_2022_GWAS_SUMMARY_STATS_SAS.gz

Polygenic score (PGS) weights

All population groups: GIANT_HEIGHT_YENGO_2022_PGS_WEIGHTS_ALL.gz

Predominantly African Ancestry: GIANT_HEIGHT_YENGO_2022_PGS_WEIGHTS_AFR.gz

Predominantly East Asian Ancestry: GIANT_HEIGHT_YENGO_2022_PGS_WEIGHTS_EAS.gz

Predominantly European Ancestry: GIANT_HEIGHT_YENGO_2022_PGS_WEIGHTS_EUR.gz


Predominantly South Asian Ancestry: GIANT_HEIGHT_YENGO_2022_PGS_WEIGHTS_SAS.gz

Summary association statistics for Ried et al. 2016 body shape GWAS

If you use these data, please cite Ried JS, Jeff M J, …, Hirschhorn JN, Müller-Nurasyid M, Loos RJ. A principal component meta-analysis on multiple anthropometric traits identifies novel loci for body shape. Nat Commun. 2016 Nov 23;7:13357. doi: 10.1038/ncomms13357. PMID: 27876822

Readme file: Readme_Ried_et_al.docx

Summary association statistics for body shape PC1: GIANT_metal_result_bodyshape_pc1_all_iv_hetero_20111006_adjusted1.txt.gz

Summary association statistics for body shape PC2: GIANT_metal_result_bodyshape_pc2_all_iv_hetero_20111006_adjusted1.txt.gz

Summary association statistics for body shape PC3: GIANT_metal_result_bodyshape_pc3_all_iv_hetero_20111006_adjusted1.txt.gz

Summary association statistics for body shape PC4: GIANT_metal_result_bodyshape_pc4_all_iv_hetero_20111006_adjusted1.txt.gz

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